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Coaching for Entrepreneurs 

Violet Crown Leadership helps entrepreneurs find their innate potential. Custom plans are designed for each individual. The methods may include Integral Coaching, Integral Unfolding, the Enneagram, and Peer Coaching Circles. When leaders function at their full potential, the results benefit the individuals, their teams, the community and beyond.

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears - Rumi

Reviews from Previous Clients

I came away from coaching with a much deeper connection between my home self, work self, and inner self. Our work focused on blending these facets of my life, so I can show up in all things knowing I have brought my best. Brad was a steady and supportive coach. He both equipped me with new perspective and tools, and challenged me regularly to push myself toward realizing my goals.

Elisa L.

How do you put a value on being your best self? It’s priceless, right? Although we so often neglect this key element to happiness. I met Brad at a time where I was about to turn 40, in transition mode, unhappy and struggling to find the path that felt right. Even from our initial meeting I felt comfortable connecting with Brad. He’s so easy to have a conversation with, and through the months long process helped gently guide me to a place where I could find answers within myself. He has specific strategies that allowed me to reflect and work through somewhat complex issues. His positivity is infectious and his passion for coaching undeniable. I highly recommend Brad if you’re ready to take the next steps and unlock your true potential.

Andy S.

After my coaching experience with Brad, I can confidently say he is a trusted advisor of mine now. His ability to quickly grasp issues, both personal and professional, and provide tools to help direct energy and focus have been invaluable over the last year. For my first experience working with a coach outside of athletics, Brad approached our time together with empathy and an open mind. Our work together is paying off daily in my personal and professional life.

Derek V.

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