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What is happening in our world?

  • Shifts like COVID surprise us.
  • Demands continue to increase.
  • We are asked to do more with less.
  • Technology asks us to change rapidly.
  • Resources seem to be shrinking.
  • Trust in leadership and each other is eroding.
  • We then struggle to belong, communicate, and build relationships.
  • Planning is difficult and we struggle to take care of ourselves and those that depend on us.
  • We lack meaning in our work and feel unfulfilled.

Meet Your Coach - Brad Weyant

I have been there and know that it does not have to be difficult. In my 20+ years of being an Entrepreneur, I have experienced every challenge, setback, and success. I know what it is like to lead and not communicate effectively. This left my teams, my customers, and myself stressed out. I made it my mission to find out a way to solve breakdowns within companies. My endless search led me into coaching. I have pulled together multiple methods that I have found to be the most effective to share with you and your organizations.

 A New Way Forward

Most forms of self improvement assume that we are deficient and lacking. I’m not smart enough, thin enough, fast enough, etc. This leads us to proving that assumption correct if we fail. If we take an Unfolding approach we begin by asking what if nothing is missing? When we do this it opens us up to wonder and curiosity. Through curiosity and wonder we can ask powerful questions which allows us to explore deeper into our experience. As we explore we begin to grow and evolve. We learn to express more and more of the qualities within us that support us when they are needed. We can be more patient, kind, loving, connected, and courageous. We actually begin to grow from where we are into a deeper expression of who we are. We use the Unfolding approach in our work.

Coaching Options

1 on 1 Coaching

You are the coaching topic during our time together. Bring what you would like support with or want to create in the world. I listen to you deeply in our shared space of trust, commitment and inspiration. I guide you in your development into a deeper way of Being in the world. This deeper way of Being in the world supports you in moving forward and achieving your vision. You commit to being the most important thing that you will work on during our time together. You and those your interact daily are worth your commitment to this practice. We meet every two weeks for 2 hours.

1 Year: $25,000

6 Months: $13,000

3 Months: $7,000


Enneagram of Personality

Enneagram Typing Sessions and type specific coaching sessions. Progressively develop an awareness around your Enneagram type. Use this ever expanding awareness to support you in understanding yourself and others. Communicate more effectively. Increase your capacity to give and receive feedback.  

SLII - Situational Leadership

Learn about this easy to understand and practical method to diagnose the developmental level of an employee. Use the appropriate directive and supportive behaviors to help them succeed. Accelerate your team’s communication and outcomes so that they function better together.

2 Day Session, practice portal, class documents, post practice portal.

$1,950 per participant




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