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Integral Coaching

Coaching for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
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What makes this work integral?

The method attends to the individuality of the person as well as the social context in which they are embedded. Our individuality includes our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions as well as everything that is happening to us physiologically.

Individual Coaching

What if there is another way to solve my problems?

There comes time in our lives in which we become stuck and no longer have the skills to move forward. This becomes a great opportunity for coaching. Individual coaching is designed to help you solve the barriers that are holding you back. Your coach travels along with you as your guide to discover new tools and ways to move forward. Rather than looking at only the issues causing you to be stuck we explore with you to see what other possibilities there are within you to solve problems and move forward with more ease. We focus on understanding the wisdom of the body to move you to action with more ease and speed. The coaching program consists six to twelve-month commitment. At the end of the coaching the goal is for you to be self-generating and self-correcting which enables long term excellence. Schedule an exploration call with one of our coaches today and discover a new path forward.

Peer Coaching Teams

What if I had a team to support my growth?

Entrepreneurship can be lonely at times with no one to bounce ideas off. Join a peer coaching team in order to co-create with a collective group of likeminded peers who strive to accelerate each other’s growth in their self, their business, and the community. Entrepreneurs meet once each month to support each other, challenge each other, and form a unique bond. This program consists of 9 months of monthly sessions. Each client learns coaching skills, practices them, and receives peer coaching. As an Entrepreneur you bring something that is a challenge for you to work on over the course of the coaching. You receive 45-60 minutes of individual air time each session. At the end of the program you walk away with coaching skills and a peer support team to carry you forward. Sign up to join the next peer coaching team or build one within your company to help your leaders grow.

Enneagram Typing

What if I understood more about myself and those around me?

This is an exploratory process that begins with an assessment. The process revolves around inquiry and we continue together until you narrow in on your main type. Once you discover your type you can use the Enneagram to develop self knowledge. This knowledge can be used to develop self-mastery, conflict resolution, team dynamics, and leadership intelligence.

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